Sunday, February 27, 2011

Show Off Your Shape Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

I have been doing the Nestle Fitnesse 14-day Program for a week now। So far, I can say that I have replaced at least one meal with a Nestle Fitnesse Cereal and on good days I can have two meals with Nestle Fitnesse Cereals।

My family and I recent went to Los Banos, Laguna for my husband's talk in SEARCA about Ex-situ Marine conservation। I was afraid that I won't be able to follow the program since we are out and its not that easy to bring your own food while traveling. So far, for those two days we were out of town I was able to keep my breakfast as per the recommended meal of the Fitness Program.

So here are the dishes I have prepared for myself from February 21 to 26, 2011

Day 2 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Day 3 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Day 4 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Day 5 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Day 6 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

My observation while doing this 14-day Fitnesse Program is that I actually eat frequently than before but in small portions. Let's say for example, I ate breakfast at 8am then I have to eat like a slice of pineapple by 10:30 am and then eat a rice meal by lunch time. By 3 pm I'm hungry again so I eat mirienda. I bought Digestives from my trip to Cebu which is one way for me to get my chocolate fix and still eat healthy mirienda. By 6:30 pm I am usually eating my second Nestle Fitnesse Meal or if not I have a rice meal. This depends of course where I am at the moment.

One major benefit I can say is that I do not feel bloated by the end of the day and I can fit easily inside my pants. I can actually say that I can see the difference in my stomach. I am actually wearing my maong shorts which I had since college. I haven't worn this shorts for a long time since I cannot breathe inside it anymore. So for me to be writing this piece, perform my daily chores and actually go out later still wearing it that means that I am actually breathing inside this thing which means that's a good thing. After doing my piece for Nestle, next week I will make a feature of canned fruits and healthy in-between-food I ate while doing the program and for sure Digestives will be there.

So till my next blog...

See yah!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dust if You Must - My Cebu Expedition

A house becomes a home when you can write " I love you" on the furniture."

Crown Regency Mactan

I can't tell you how many countless hours that I have spent CLEANING!

I used to spend at least 8 hours every weekend making sure things were just perfect - "in case someone came over".

Then I realized one day that no one came over;

They were all out living life and having fun!

Now, when people visit, I find no need to explain the "condition" of my home.

They are more interested in hearing about the things I've been doing while I was away living life and having fun!

If you haven't figured this out yet, please heed this advice.

Life is short. Enjoy it!

Cebu Carbon Market

Dust if you must...

but wouldn't it be better to paint a picture or write a letter,

bake cookies or a cake and lick the spoon or plant a seed,

ponder the difference between want and need?

Cebu Cathedral at the break of dawn

Dust if you must...

but there's not much time with beer to drink, rivers to swim and mountains to climb,

music to hear and books to read, friends to cherish and life to lead.

D' Pond Family Grill

Dust if you must...

but the world's out there with the sun in your eyes,

the wind in your hair, a flutter of snow, a shower of rain.

This day will not come around, again.

Happy Children at the Carbon Market

Dust if you must...

but bear in mind, old age will come and it's not kind

And when you go - and go you must - you, yourself will make more dust!

Zipline at the D' Pond

Note: The author of Dust If You Must is unknown. "Dust if You Must" was sent to me via e-mail by a good friend of mine. I think it is a good introduction for the chronicle I am preparing for my Cebu Trip as it explains why I chose to go to this trip.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 1 of Show Off Your Shape 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse Challenge

Today my husband and I went to Parco Supermarket to buy our groceries. The first thing we noticed are the pre-packaged promotions from Nestle products and an ongoing contest for laptops.

What's convenient about the Nestle pre-packaged promotions is that first, you can get freebies from these promos. For buying a large pack of Milo one can get a bag. The bag was timely because my child needed a bigger bag to store his beyblades. I also bought two more boxes of the Nestle Fitnesse Cereals to complete my 14-day Fitnesse Program. For every box of 330 grams of Nestle Fitnesse Cereals there is a free 250 ml Nestle Low Fat Milk to which I am enjoying right now in this very hot day. Finally for every two liters of Nestle Low Fat Milk there is a free can of Nescafe Mocha. To top it all Parco allows a minimum charge of P100 for credit card payments so we were able to have several receipts to join Nestle's Win A Laptop Promo. All in all we were able to get 6 receipts all with a minimum purchase of P100 Nestle products which un turn gives us 6 entries for the Nestle's Win A Laptop Promo.

After paying for our groceries, I noticed that Nestle's booth opened where there is a registered dietitian giving us information about Nestle's choosewellness program. Our dietitian today is named Mark Cyrill. He talked to us about MOVABA or MOderation VAriety and BAlance.

Anyway, according to our Nestle choosewellness dietitian my Body Mass Index and blood pressure is at range but placed me at medium risk because of my lifestyle which is attributed to not eating breakfast and sleeping less than 7 hours a day. Still I was in a pretty good shape. My goal for doing thsi 14-day Fitness program is to have a weight of 110 pounds. I am currently at 112 pounds.

So for today two of my meals is replaced by a Nestle Cereal meal which consisted of 1 bowl of Nestle Fitnesse Cereals, 1 sliced of Dole pineapple in syrup and 1 glass of Sun Tropics orange-mango juice. So far I have eaten 1 matchbox size chicken, undetermined amount of Grower's peanuts and 1 250 ml Nestle low-fat milk.
Watch out for Day 2 of Show Off Your Shape 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse Challenge...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Show off Your Shape, Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program: A Chronicle

Early this year, I received a box of Nestle's Fitnesse Cereals. The first thing that popped in my head was "Does this program actually work?". With all the binging and pig-out-moments I had since November 2010 until early quarter of 2011 this year (gosh the party just never ends) I wonder if this 14-day Program of Nestle can actually help me.

Honestly early last year, I received the same box. But I didn't really pay attention then because my metabolism was high and it felt like fats weren't just produced by my body. But now that I'm almost turning thirty, I recently hear comments like "tumataba ka ata" or "your gaining cheeks". Well I wish somebody would say "your becoming more voluptuous everyday" but alas these blasted fats only find their way in my arms, hips and cheeks. I honestly think my cheeks are getting rounder.

So when I received my second box of Nestle's Fitnesse Cereals which is made of whole grain cereals, I really thought to myself, "what if I give this program a try?" The 14-day Fitness program may actually work but then if I really don't follow it religiously or do not have the discipline to follow through, I guess no program will actually work for. Thus, this box of whole grain cereals on my doorstep started my decision to chronicle my experience on following this 14-day Nestle Fitnesse Program.

My resolution:

1. I promise to tell the truth. I will be totally honest on writing what I ate. If I can't be honest to myself then how can I expect to be honest to other people, right?

2. I will document my meals by taking photos and then posting a brief description in my blog post.

3. I will weigh myself before, in the middle and after the 14-day Fitness program.

4. Lastly, I will do my water therapy together with my 14-day Fitness program. I swear by this water therapy not just for curbing one's appetite but also as a cleansing diet.

In my quest to do this 14-day fitness program, I seek the help of my spouse, Nestle and oh dear God. From my spouse, he promised to give emotional support. From Nestle they sent me three more boxes of Nestle Fitnesse Cereals which extends my supply for 9 more days. And the rest is up to me and my dear oh great God!

Till the next blog post...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event: A Review Part 3 of 3

This is the last of the three-part review I am making for the HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event held last January 27, 2011 at Mandarin Hotel.

What I sensed from (pun intended) is that it is a community site made by HTC that serves several purposes for its clients. Mr. Wayne Tang described it as a a portal service that is free of charge for HTC users specifically for their latest HTC cellphones released last year 2010 and this year 2011. By using, an HTC user can link his HTC phone to the server, back-up all of his phonebook contacts, check his call history, send sms using the server, locate messages even those years ago by using a keyword search, manage his HTC phone remotely and ring his phone even when it is in silent mode. Using, an HTC user can also forward his calls to another number in case that person forgot to bring his HTC cellphone with him.

Another cool function which I hope you don't have to use is if in case you lost your phone, an HTC user can lock his phone using and instead of showing the usual phone screen, an HTC phone will display the owner's contact details for it (HTC phone) to be returned. In the likelihood (which is high nowadays) that the person who found your HTC phone was not able to return it to you, the phone's information is useless to him (unless he finds a person from the cellphone land called Greenhills) because using Sense 2.0, you can erase all the contents of an HTC phone including the information stored in your Micro SD. As for the end user, your information can be retrieved from to lessen the inconvenience of building your network and phonebook from ground zero.

During the HTC Sense Workshop I only had one question in mind, "How safe is the information stored in the Sense 2.0 or" Mr. Wayne Tang answered "it ( is hosted together with Google; it (information) will not be released using the latest international standard servers from Taiwan, Singapore and Australia". What I deduced from his brief answer was that HTC users don't need to worry about storing their information inside because HTC is using the latest international means to protect its users' information from being stolen.

Let's not create an issue here but identity theft is something we have heard before and information such as bank data, personal information, e-mails, sms, and other private data will be out there in a website. Thus, if HTC has really the means to protect all of its users. I consider it to be one great feat.

Other concerns that came up were valid issues raised by HTC users themselves including the short battery life for the HTC Desire lines and the unavailability of at certain times. Mr. Tang acknowledged the first issue and stated that HTC is still finding a way to address the battery life. As for the second issue, he explained that because is still being developed and updated hence there will be times that it will be unavailable for maintenance. However, he sort of promised that much improvements are to be expected this year 2011 from HTC to address all these concerns.

Photos taken from HTC Sense Workshop album in Facebook!/album.php?aid=33105&id=154076797971723

And that concludes my 3-part review of the HTC workshop. I am still waiting for that text message or any form of message Mr. Mark Sergio promised to give the attendees which is a P1000 discount for its HTC phones. However, its been two weeks now and I haven't heard any from the HTC team.

Did the workshop do its purpose of motivating its attendees from buying an HTC phone. I think, generally, it did. However, there are still a lot of gray areas for me. But its not easy being first to promise a free of charge service portal like It's not easy to claim an intuitive phone. But I do hope HTC delivers what it promised in its "quietly brilliant" way.

P.S. I am not paid in any manner by HTC to make this post. This post is purely based on this blogger's perspective on what she understood based from the HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event last January 27, 2010.