Monday, January 31, 2011

HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event: A Review Part 2 of 3

Just as I promised I will give the meat of my experience in the second part of my blog about the HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event.

The first statement that got me to pay attention to Mr. Wayne Tang, HTC Singapore product manager, was when he said that "HTC Sense is an experience". In my head, I did not expect a program to be defined in such a personal manner. So the next question that popped in my head was that what kind of experience can HTC provide its users that will be different from what the other smartphones in the market are already promising?

So I listened intently to what the Singaporean manager has to say about HTC Sense and here are the things that further caught my attention:
1. Sense 2.0 is not an overlay.

2. Sense 2.0 is not a user interface

3. There are about 300+++ features in the HTC Desire phones (I'm thinking this is enough to keep somebody busy to learn one feature a day)

4. HTC Desire phones want to give its users a holistic experience. Holistic according to the web definitions I googled means "Looking at the whole system rather than just concentrating on individual components. The overall sum can be greater than a simple totaling of the individual parts, because the "system" adds something in addition. Another term is "systems thinking"."

Systems thinking? does it mean AI?

So what makes HTC Desire phones and Sense 2.0 a holistic experience? Mr. Weng Tan gave concrete real-life experiences a modern busy person can encounter on a regular business day and how his HTC Desire phone can be of service.

1. When a phone is left in your bag it recognizes that it is inside your bag and hence rings louder. Once you touch the phone it detects the human presence and it rings softer.

2. In a business meeting and your phone rings, you do not have to scurry to turn it off or cancel the phone, you just have to flip the phone to silence it.

3. When you receive a phone call the latest Facebook status update and photo of your friend will appear.

4. The phone has a birthday counter which will allow you to remember important dates.

5. The HTC Desire phones when turned on requires only 10 seconds to open.

6. Using your HTC Desire phones can allow you t merge several e-mail accounts in one folder wherein each e-mail account can be identified by color.

7. You can choose e-mails by assigning then in your priority list and you can move from unread to priority list mails by just moving the screen left or right.

8. All you need to do to get the remaining data of your e-mail is to scroll up. Unlike other phones that will ask you if you want to continue to read on. HTC figured that this adjustments can save a person seconds of his time and make the experience of reading e-mails more pleasant.

9. I am not good in finding locations so when Mr. Wayne Tang discussed about HTC Map Solutions I became curious if this is the phone that can help me with my problem. Because of Sense 2.0 and the features of the new HTC phones, its users are provided with HTC Map Solutions wherein you can download the entire google map of country and store it on your phone. And unlike for other Android phone, this service is provided for free by HTC.

10. Speaking of navigation, Mr. Wayne Tang also discussed that with the HTC Desire lines the user can continue to navigate and accept calls at the same time. Making it possible for the user to mutitask or choose the task he wants to prioritize.

11. In your travels, you take photos and videos of your explorations. With HTC phones they claim that you can now wirelessly stream your photo and videos on your TV.

12. The HTC user can also upload photos and videos directly from his or her Desire phone to his social networking sites. There is no need to remove SD cards and transfer to the laptop. The process is now shortened and made more convenient for the end user.

According to Mr. Wayne Tang, these are the some of the integral features of the HTC Desire line.

Tomorrow I will be detailing the things I learned about HTC I could add the information on HTC in this post but I want my readers to savor the wealth of information about HTC Desire phones here to avoid overwhelming your brain.

Till the next blog post...

P.S. I am not paid in any manner by HTC to make this post. This post is purely based on this blogger's perspective on what she understood based from the HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event last January 27, 2010.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event: A Review Part 1

Last January 25, 2010, I received a letter of confirmation for my attendance at the HTC Sense Workshop. The HTC Sense workshop event was held on Thursday, January 27, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Mahogany Function Room of Mandarin Oriental Manila in Makati City.

For the HTC Sense workshop, representatives from HTC including Mark Serio (Manager-Philippines), Weng Tan (Product Manager-Singapore) and Rhian Ramos (HTC ambassador-Philippines) were there to tell us more about HTC sense and

The workshop started with a brief introduction about the HTC Sense Workshop from Mr. Serio. He also welcomed Mr. Tan who in turn walked us through what Sense 2.0 is and is not and what can do. Finally, Ms. Ramos talked about how HTC Desire HD has helped her in her everyday life.

The meat of the workshop if I may say so can be credited to Mr. Tan's presentation. I like the idea that the premise of the workshop is based on a typical businessman's experience. Mr. Tan gave examples how the Sense 2.0 and can help a professional perform his work efficiently from the moment the client enters the airport until he lands and travels to a foreign country and finally to do his work.

In a moment, I will be giving a brief summary on HTC Sense 2.0 and features were discussed to us during the HTC Sense Workshop but for now let me talk about my impressions of the HTC Sense Workshop event.

1. The HTC Sense Workshop event started one hour late than it was supposed to. I was already very embarrassed to arrive late but the guests before me had to wait at least an hour before the event started. There was no explanation provided as to why the event started very late. If there was I was not able to catch the reason.

2. The food did not taste good. I am sorry but it really did not agree with my stomach. I am thinking the reason I had to unswallow the food is because seafood becomes unfresh faster than other kinds of food and it did not agree with my digestive system.

3. There were a lot of opportunities to network and to talk to the guests during the waiting time. However, I could not find people from HTC who are available to discuss with. When I arrived there were waiters at the back and cocktail tables on the side but there were nobody around I could identify- a live person - who can serve as host or hostess to accommodate the guests' questions during the waiting time.

4. While eating I was asking around the people I see talking to Mr. Serio if they were connected to HTC and apparently they were not professionally (they only mentioned that they know him as a friend of a friend and so on). I proactively talked to the representative who was getting our contact details. She was going around to get the list of names and number who would like to get the promised discount for the HTC phones. If the HTC Sense Seminar was a marketing tool and I guess I did not feel that it was being advertised enough. I do appreciate Mr. Tan's attention to existing clients. He even deferred for a short while a request to have his picture taken because he was still talking to a client. It shows to me the importance and priority he was giving to HTC's patrons and if that was me I would feel really valued as a customer.

5. Ms. Ramos and Mr. Serio was also mingling around at the end of the event. Although Ms. Ramos had to leave earlier, I appreciate that she stayed to answer some questions after the HTC workshop. My impression of Mr. Serio was that he was very accommodating and he entertained questions from the guests. His demeanor showed that he was open and friendly and I actually felt like buying HTC because of him.

Anyway, the purpose of the comments above is to give the author's experience and perspective about her own experience of the HTC Sense event. It does not reflect the group's perception nor does it reflect the entirety of the HTC Sense Workshop. It only shows how I see and view what happened to me during the workshop.

Part 2 of this review will discuss the main purpose of the HTC Sense workshop which is to learn something about Sense 2.0 and However, since Part 1 is already long, I will reserve part 2 for tomorrow.

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to maximize your deliveries to increase your ranking for MyXend Badge

This is a communication between Xend Business Solution and I when I clarified some issues about how to maximize my deliveries to increase my ranking for MyXend Badge. Some private information have been removed to protect my privacy.

Hello Xend,

Hi! I have used Xend as my courier for my store since last year and so far I am very happy with the service you have been providing. I am so happy I even promoted you in my blog.

I do have one suggestion though. As a seller, what worked for me is to schedule my pick-ups all in one day. Hence, I can ship several items to different clients (for example: 3 different transactions all picked up on Friday) and book them all in just one day. I figured it is efficient not only for me because I just have to monitor one pick-up but it is also advantageous to Xend because they only have to go to our area once. It saves Xend money for fuel and the time of its crew. On the other hand, the customer appreciation program described in your website awards customers based on the number of pick-ups they have made and not by the number of transactions they have done at the same time. In that case, what I see as downside to this is for me to get that badge I have to schedule my deliveries non different days so that I can maximize my number of pick-ups and get my badge early.

I hope you can advise me about my dilemma. I want to help your company become efficient in doing its pick-ups in my area but at the same time I wish to level-up my badge soon. It will not be easy to look for a win-win solution but I trust that Xend with its continuous improvement to support its customers can think of way to make it advantageous for all the parties.

By the way, thank you for the 50 percent discount coupon. I will use it to help send gifts to CDO.

Disclaimer: Upon reading the terms and conditions for the Xend discount coupon, it was noted that the Xend Discount coupon is valid only for deliveries within Metro Manila and for items 1 kilogram and below. Hence, I was not able to use it to send gifts to CDO.

The following is Xend Business Solutions's response to me that same morning...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from Xend!

Regarding your concern, please be advice that your badge count increases when one of your shipments is delivered, not when you schedule a pickup online. The count represents how many delivered shipments you have and not the number of pickups. For your badge to be updated, the status of the shipment on our website must indicate that it is already delivered. In some cases, it takes a few days before it is updated. If the shipment is already marked as delivered and your badge is still not updated, you can send the tracking numbers in *** excel file *** at and indicate your account number as your filename.

Please take note that only waybills that have your account # written will be counted towards the badge so make sure that all waybills have your account # written on it.


Lorelie S. Ruiz

Xend Business Solutions Inc

Xend hotline contact number 960-8282

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feng Shui Tips to Bring Prosperity In Chinese New Year for the Year 2011

Feng Shui Tips to Bring Prosperity In Chinese New Year for the Year 2011

First 2011 Feng Shui Tip on February 2, 2011, between 5 to 7 am or 9 to 11 am put a crystal ball and place it in the northwestern portion of your house. Include also Chinese gold bars & 5 pieces of P10 coins and place them all in a wash basin. Paste a piece of red round paper at the center of the wash basin.

2011 Feng Shui Tips in your salas, between 5 to 7pm:
1. Burn a handful of charcoal to drive out the evil spirits of your house.
2. Place a big mamon cake (Huat Ke in Chinese) put 3 pieces of red P50 bill in top of it as your mini flag pole.
3. Hold 8 pieces of candies from inside of your salas, murmur the lines below:

For those who want to stay in the house please bring in Luck
For those who want to leave, please leave your Luck

Then go out upon reaching the door, throw away those candies. The candies should be 1 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue, 2 silver and 1 green

2011 Feng Shui Tip: Wear Silver, white, light yellow lingerie (underwear) throughout the night.

2011 Feng Shui Tip: Wear Red, white, silver olor for the whole year more often.

2011 Feng Shui Tips on February 3, 2011 between 12:15 to 12:45 am, 5:45 to 6:15 am and 11:15 to 12:15 noon

1. Hold and burn 9 pieces of incense stick
2. Face south
3. Bow 9 tumes at the same time wish your luck
4. Place your burned incense stick anywhere in your house

For a good start for the year 2011 (Pang-buena mano)

For those who have factory or in manufacturing business

2011 Feng Shui Tips on February 5, 2011 between 7 to 9 am; 11 to 1 pm noon time

1. Hold and burn 9 pieces of incense stick
2. Face west.
3. Bow 9 times and wish your luck

For those who have stores, office, factory and those who are professionals
2011 Feng Shui Tips on February 14, 2011 between 5 to 7 am and 9 to 11 am

1. Hold and burn 9 pieces of incense stick
2. Face south west.
3. Bow 9 times and wish your luck

This 2011 Feng Shui Tip for the Chinese New Year list was provided by Dr. Freddie Siy. Dr. Freddie Sy can be contacted through his cellphone 09209037532 or telephone 6648677.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get your Free Magazine Subscriptions of MultiSport, Northern Living and Southern Living from Hinge Inquirer Publications

A visit to the bank brought my attention to three eye-catching magazines from Hinge Inquirer Publications that were given to us for free. The magazines are Multisport, Northern Living and Southern Living.

Not only were the magazines provided to the bank visitors for free, the subscription details instructs the reader to send his or her details to Hinge Inquirer Publications either by fax, sms or e-mail, to get a chance to get a free subscription. The only downside is that the offer for free subscription is valid only to residents of National Capital Regjon. But don't feel too blue, if you still want to get your copy, the reader can apply for an online subscription. Details on how to do get an online subscription to Hinge Inquirer Publications magazines are found at the end of this post.

Anyway, I first sent my application via SMS for Southern Living magazine because that was the first magazine I saw at the bank and I was so excited that I can send my request via sms for a Hinge Inquirer Publications subscription right away so I sent my request as soon as I read that I can get the magazine for free. Unfortunately, I did not receive any confirmation message that the request was received.

This prompted me to send my information via e-mail. So the next day, I decided to send an application for Northern Living magazine via e-mail. I received a confirmation message right away with the following response:

Good day!

Thank you for emailing Northern Living – The Lifestyle Guide of Metro North.

We have received your message and have forwarded it to the concerned personnel.If this is regarding subscription, please know that we will only process requests with complete details.

Kindly include your name, age, sex, marital status, occupation, phone number, mobile number, and delivery address in your message.

To ensure that your subscription request has been received by our office, please call 403.8825 local 221 to confirm your application. Free subscription is available for Metro Manila residents only but you may register for our FREE Online Edition by clicking on the URL below:

If you are unable to click on the URL, please copy and paste the URL into your internet browser.For other concerns, you may contact us at 403.8825.

Thank you for patronizing Northern Living.

The reason I chose to pursue my Northern Living subscription is because the places I frequently go to are located in the Northern part of the metro. Hence, the entire magazine was very interesting for me.

I did find things awesome ideas about the South as well after reading sections of Southern Living such as "Only in the South", "Southern Eats" and "Art and Culture". I think those are my three most favorite sections of Southern Living. I love the articles because I learned something new about the Southern part of NCR and it actually motivated me to visit these places not just when I'm in the area but to actually plan a trip to visit these hot spots.

After I finally got over my enthusiasm with my Southern Living magazine that's when I opened the Northern Living version of the subscription. I was surprised to see articles similar to those I have seen in Southern Living.

Just like Southern Living, the Northern Living magazine also has features unique to the northern part of the metro. If I have to choose between the two subscriptions, I would definitely choose a subscription from Northern Living. Why? Not that I am very loyal to Northern cities but because I find the information very useful to me. It was so useful that I was able to decide on what restaurant I want to visit for Valentine's day together this year together with my loving husband as early as third week of January.

Well given the chance to have both subscriptions, I would definitely welcome it. I was thinking that the information I can get from both magazines can be material for blogs I am going to use for my website about consumerism. And just as what the idea of the magazines promote, my blogs will appeal to the people who are residents from different ends of the national capital region.

Whilst I am so excited with my Northern and Southern Living, my husband prefers to read MultiSport. Multisport magazine is another free subscription from Hinge Inquirer Publication. It appeals more to health buffs and sports enthusiasts.

The MultiSport is comparatively thinner and has less articles compared to Northern Living Magazine and Southern Living Magazine. However, do not think it is less significant. The articles are matter-of-fact and provides useful suggestions intended for its target market.

The three magazines: Southern Living, Northern Living and MultiSport provided an enjoyable way to pass time while waiting for my turn in the bank. I have never enjoyed a bank visit this much. I can actually even say, I look forward in visiting the bank again next month. But the best thing of all is to receive my very own subscriptions of Northern Living and Southern Living and Multisport for my husband.

To get free subscriptions to these Hinge Inquirer Publications magazines, here are the details

For Northern Living subscriptions you can text FREE NOLI/name/age/sex/address/occupation/marital status to 0905-423-2019

You can also send an e-mail of your details to Details include Name, age, sex, mailing address, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address, occupation, marital status.

For the online subscription, you can register your details at Then choose, "Not yet a subscriber, register now" for first time applicants. If you have applied before, you can log in using your the e-mail address you used when you first registered.

For Southern Living subscriptions you can text FREE SOLI/name/age/sex/address/occupation/marital status to 0905-423-2019

You can also send an e-mail of your details to Details include Name, age, sex, mailing address, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address, occupation, marital status.

For the online subscription, you can register your details at

For MultiSport subscriptions you can text FREE MSPORT/name/age/sex/address/occupation/marital status to 0905-423-2019

You can also send an e-mail of your details to Details include Name, age, sex, mailing address, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address, occupation, marital status.

For the online subscription, you can register your details at

And because I am feeling so generous today, I will let you in on a secret. There is a contest ongoing for Northern Living and Southern Living. If you cannot wait to get hold of your copies, you can always check out these Hinge Inquirer Publications via their online subscriptions.

Good luck!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL IS...VACK WITH A VENGEANCE! Tanghalang Pilipino's 24th Season Last Announcement

An update from friends from Tanghalang Pilipino brings one of the most loved Filipino plays...


Laugh and fall in love as a gay beautician transforms into a superhero(ine) and saves the world from power tripping fashionista aliens, rampaging zombies and a giant frog. ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL is based on the graphic novel by Carlo Vergara. ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL was adapted for the stage by Chris Martinez, original music and lyrics by Vincent de Jesus, directed by Chris Millado with a new set design by Gino Gonzalez and light design by Katsch Catoy. Starts February 18 till March 13, 2011 at the CCP Little Theater.

ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL tickets are priced at PHP950, 850 and 650 at the CCP Box Office (832-3704) and TicketWorld outlets (891-9999).

Tanghalang Pilipino concludes its 24th Season with the power-packed return of its longest running, award-winning original musical comedy. ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal…Vack With A Vengeance! – the production’s 7th run – will be staged at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Cultural Center of the Philipines, on February 18 to March 13. The production is bound to leave audiences rolling in the aisles again with its zany, madcap and gender bending brand of musical comedy. Eula Valdez reprises her award winning role as the redhaired super heroine. She will be joined by new cast members Gabe Mercado (alternating with Joey Paras) as Didi, her frilly mouthed assistant; Pinky Amador (alternating with Kalila Aguilos) as Queen Femina Suarestella Baroux, Zaturnnah’s fashionista archnemesis; Rocky Salumbides (alternating with Arnold Reyes and Red Anderson) as the hunk with a heart – Dodong – Zaturnnah’s object of affection.
The rerun also reveals a new set design by Gino Gonzales and lighting design by Katsch Catoy.

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal follows the misadventures of Ada, a gay beauty salon proprietor who transforms into the voluptuous superhero(ine) ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. Zaturnnah saves her town from marauding zombies, powertripping fashion forward aliens and a giant dancing frog. ZsaZsa Zaturnnah became an underground cult classic when it first appeared as a graphic novel, Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah (The Spectacular Adventures of Zsazsa Zaturnnah penned and illustrated by Carlo Vergara. The piece was brought to the attention of Tanghalang Pilipino by stage director Chris Millado for inclusion in their Theater Season.

The graphic novel was adapted for the stage by Chris Martinez for Tanghalang Pilipino with Vincent de Jesus creating the words and Chris Millado directing the musical theater staging. Since it’s opening in 2006 ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal has attracted a growing, diversified and returning audiences while garnering rave reviews from mainstream critics, bloggers and from word of mouth. The 95th performance in March 2011 makes ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal the longest running musical theater production of Tanghalang Pilipino and arguably the longest running show in Philippine musical theater.

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal…Vack With A Vengeance opens on February 18 and runs until March 13.

Tickets are now available at the CCP Box Office and TicketWorld outlets nationwide. For general ticket inquiries, call TANGHALANG PILIPINO at (632)832-3661 or 832-1125 local 1620/1621.

For inquiries, call TANGHALANG PILIPINO at (632)832-3661 or 832-1125 local 1620/1621.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My 2010 List of Favorite Things also known as My Gratitude List

I was wondering while waiting for the Internet connection to finally return, what happened to me last year and this is the result of my boredom. I guess I am still productive even when I feel like being lazy. I listed all the opportunities I have taken last year and I cannot wait to blog about it.

It also got me thinking, Filipinos are fond of telenovelas. I remember Bo Sanchez saying from one of the audiobooks I got from the Truly Rich Club, we Filipinos like romanticizing the poor. In our telenovelas, the hero or heroine is always the poor person being maltreated. The example given about this romanticizing the poor was best depicted by Bo Sanchez in the movie Titanic where you see the parties of the rich and affluent as somewhat dull, boring and quiet while at the bottom of the ship where the workforce are partying their merrymaking is loud, cheerful and exciting. In this cases, we are made to think it is better to be poor. We are made to think "Masaya naman kaming mahihirap. Kayong mayayaman hindi".
But what is romantic about being poor? Especially when that kind of thinking is what we embed to our children? Is it romantic to see the poor people eating from the garbage? Is it just me disgusted with the idea of what in the world is romantic about that? The problem about being poor is that not only your wallet is poor but the mind becomes poor too.
To find more about the Truly Rich Club and get Bo Sanchez's book "My Maid Invests In The Stock Market... And Why You Should Too" (Brief Version) for FREE. You'll also learn how to use the Stock Market to achieve financial freedom and grow in financial abundance, just visit

And we have a lot of poor thinking people already. These poor-minded people can be aptly called crab mentality. "Oh let's not let him give him the job, he's so confident" or "Abuso na yan, maganda at sexy ka na, successful ka pa. We hate you!" Have you heard about these things from other people? or from your head?

Just like what Jomar Hilario says in his Internet Marketing and Virtual Assistant Seminars, its all in the mindset. If you think you cannot do it, your probably can't.

To find more about internet marketing lessons and how to become a virtual assistant, check out how Jomar Hilario applies it in his 4-hour workweek in

So I stand here proud of my accomplishments for the 2010. I am not boastful because boastfulness is claiming something that is not true. If I tell people I am patient just because I'm a teacher when everybody knows I am not then that's boasting bordering to lying. Instead I can say, "my understanding of people is a work in progress".

So here is the list of opportunities I took and I am openly sharing the things that worked for me to other people hoping they get something from my two cents. If you did take anything, good for you. If not, then move forward maybe something will work better for you.

1. Nickel Asia IPO; e-books, audiobooks; and 2 books from Bo Sanchez - thanks to Truly Rich Club (monthly subscription P495; 100% guaranteed ROI)

To find out how to invest in stocks (take note I said invest not trade because I am an investor not a trader) pm me your questions in this blogpost and I will refer you to my contact from Citiseconline.

2. Voice Coaching Seminar by Vocal Coach Rona P500 only

3. Several Blogging events thanks to Jomar Hilario’s Internet Marketing Class (10 percent discount for early bird rate plus new source of income)
a. Zenyu Ecospa Blogger’s Event
b. Swiss-Phil Skinvasion
c. Rave featuring Liquid Bar
d. B & T Blogger’s Event
4. Starshooters Program from PSI Seminars and Workshops – [10% early bird discount at 6 months to pay plus 20+ good friends (priceless)]

5. P50 Promo Ticket for the Fountain and Light Show at Manila Ocean Park where I brought my family to celebrate my birthday

6. Tron Premier c/o Skycable Fun Promo – free

7. Pantene Hair Damage Control Shampoo and Conditioner Giveaway - Free

8. Tours/Events in Metro Manila
a. Walk this Way – P1000 per head and guranteed satisfaction!
b. Philippine Postal Tour – free!!!

9. Guitar Festival at CCP – P200 per concert night

10. Out of town Trips
a. Baguio – shopping; Balatok Mines; Baguio Stock Farm; Black Market; Ukay-Ukay finds
b. Tagaytay – family getaway; Diner’s; Royal Tagaytay; Bag of Beans; Mr. Moo; Maria’s Café; Palace in the Sky
c. Donsol – tenth year anniversary with hubby; Swim with the Whalesharks; Fireflies Boat Ride; Mayon Volcano
d. Batangas – diving!!!
e. Promo tickets from Cebu Pacific – for 2011 trips

11. PSI Basic 238, 239 and 240

12. CATS – P5000 (one of a kind)

13. Equus – P600 staged by Repertory

14. Xanadu – stage seat at P400 (watching a play on the stage)

15. Dugtong-Dugtong na Sumbong Mariang Sinukuan P150 by Tanghalang Pilipino

16. Credit card giveways – free
a. Roasted Chicken – BDO
b. Brownies Unlimited – BDO
c. P500 Toy Kingdom Gift Check – BDO
d. Crispy Pata (partaken by my husband’s family) – BDO
e. CPK pizza – BDO
f. Greenwhich pizza – Eastwest
g. Mang Inasal Value Meal – Eastwest
h. P10,000 hospital reimbursement certificate - Eastwest
i. Monterey products - Eastwest bank

17. Contest Winnings - Free
a. Havaianas Tote bag from Trinoma
b. Cebu Goodies from Trip or Treat
c. BDJ Planner from Skysenshi
d. Toblerone from Toblerone Philippines
e. Mental P500 gift certificate
f. Advance Open Water Diving Lessons from Dive Instructor Neil Castano – free but exclusive of resort accommodation; boat, tanks and license

18. Party for the kids of Hospicio de San Jose – Agape

19. Staffing for PSI Basic Class 238 - Agape

How about you? What made you excited last year? What opportunities have you taken that made a difference in your life? Are there opportunities you would like to take this year that you weren’t able to do in the past?

As Tinkerbell advised to Peter Pan “Think happy thoughts and that is the only time you can fly.”
Come on now… think… think…think… and then….FLY!

Go to the link below and take an opportunity to win personalized gift choices by a blogger for 2011,

I myself am creating to win a prize!

To Think is to Create, To Act is To Achieve

Sunday, January 16, 2011

*Timeline of Failed Predictions*“ - The Power of Intention Mechanism

Every year, some people listen to astrologists to ask for their signs predictions for the coming year. But after we've heard that the our astrological signs may have been wrong all this years because of wrong calculation, how can anyone know for sure if the stars' movements are really guiding us to the our true destiny.
Take a look at the failed predictions for these people and trends. What could have happened if one person's perception can stop you. Then we could be enumerating here 27 failures instead of 27 failed predictions. So as an advocate of consumerism, ask yourself is the person or product I am supporting right now is something that is a solution to my problem?
The best example of a failed prediction is no other than one of the most influential man in the past century
It doesn’t matter what he does, he will never amount to anything.”– Albert Einstein’s teacher to his father in 1895.1.* 1400s

So the list below contains what these people and products symbolize - failed predictions for what we know success stories that changed the world. So the next time you think your product or your service will never see the light of day just imagine what these people and creations went through. Intention/Mechanism = When the intention is Clear; The Mechanism Will Appear and that's why they became successful in their fields.

“1. Printed books will never be the equivalent of handwritten codices, especially since printed books are often deficient in spelling andappearance.” – Trithemius in his treatise “In Praise of Copying”** **

2.** “Rail travel at high speed is not possible because passengers, unableto breathe, would die of asphyxia.” –Dr Dionysys Larder, 1793-1859**

3.** “If Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony is not by some means abridged, itwill soon fall into disuse.” – Philip Hale, Music Critic, 1837.** **

4.** “The abolishment of pain in surgery is a chimera. It is absurd to goon seeking it…knife and pain are two words in surgery that must forever beassociated in the consciousness of the patient.” – Dr. Alfred Velpeau,surgeon, 1839.** **

Can you imagine surgery without anaesthesia nowadays? You can't even last a few minutes without asking for an Advil.

5.** “Drill for oil? You mean drill into the ground to try and find oil?You’re crazy.” –Associates of Edwin L. Drake on his suggestion to drill foroil in 1859.**

6.** “No one will pay good money to get from **Berlin** to **Potsdam** (ona train) in one hour when he can ride his horse there in one day for free.”– King William I of **Prussia**, 1864.** **

7.** “I see no good reasons why the views given in this volume shouldshock the religious sensibilities of anyone.” – Charles Darwin, The OriginOf Species, 1869.** **

8.** “Louis Pasteur’s theory of germs is ridiculous fiction.” – PierrePachet, British surgeon and Professor of Physiology, 1872.** **

9.** “The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We haveplenty of messenger boys.” – Sir William Preece, the British Post Office,1876.** **

If only Preece could see how the phone has evolved now!

10.** “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriouslyconsidered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no valueto us.” – Western **Union**, 1878** **

11.** “X-rays will prove to be a hoax.” – Lord Kelvin, President of theRoyal Society, 1883.** **
12.** “I’m sorry; Mr Kipling, but you just don’t know how to use theEnglish language.” -The **San Francisco** Examiner, rejecting a submissionby Rudyard Kipling in 1889.** **

13.** “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty – afad.” – The president of the Michigan Savings Bank advising Henry Ford’slawyer, Horace Rackham, not to invest in the Ford Motor Co., 1903.** **

14.** “The invention of aircraft will make war impossible in the future.” –George Gissing, 1903.** **
15.** Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.” – MarechalFerdinand Foch, 1904.** **

16.** “Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote.” – Grover **Cleveland**, **U.S.** President, 1905.** **

17.** “The cinema is little more than a fad. It’s canned drama.. What audiences really want to see is flesh and blood on the stage.” – CharlieChaplin, 1916.** **
18.** “TV will never be a serious competitor for radio because people mustsit and keep their eyes glued on a screen; the average American familyhasn’t time for it.” – unknown, from The New York Times, 1939.** **

19.** You better get secretarial work or get married.” – Emmeline Snively,advising Marilyn Monroe in 1944.** **

20.** “I have travelled the length and breadth of this country and talkedwith the best people, and I can assure you that data processing is a fad that won’t last out the year.” – The editor in charge of business books for Prentice Hall, 1957.** **

21.** “We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.” –Decca Recording Co., rejecting The Beatles, 1962** ** 1970s** **
22.** “By 1985, air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlightreaching earth by one half…” Life magazine, 1970** **

My most favorite failed prediction...
23.** “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” KenOlson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp, 1977.** **

24.** “For the most part, the portable computer is a dream machine for thefew … On the whole, people don’t want to lug a computer with them to thebeach or on a train to while away hours they would rather spend reading thesports or business section of the newspaper.” Erik Sandberg-Diment, New YorkTimes, 1985.** **

25.** “The truth is no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM can take the place of a competent teacher and no computer network will change the way government works” – Clifford Stoll, 1995** **

26.** “You’ll never make any money out of children’s books” –Advice to JKRowling from Barry Cunningham, editor at **Bloomsbury* * Books, 1996.** **

27.** “Next Christmas the iPod will be dead, finished, gone, kaput” SirAlan Sugar, 2005.*

...And maybe the 27th prediction may be right because now there's an IPAD But then again 26 predictions have been wrong before so we will never know...

Failing to plan is planning to fail,

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seriland: The Land of Happy Thoughts - A Korean-Developed Theme Park in the Philippines

I visited Seriland together with my nuclear family last December 2010. And this blog is long overdue and I apologize to Seriland for my slowness. Therefore I promise to give as much details to my blog to help promote this Korean-developed theme park. Now don't get me wrong, I am not promoting it because I am guilty of my tardiness to blog. I am promoting it because my family really enjoyed their stay in Seriland. And Seriland has been a gracious host when we were at the edutainment park that I believe in supporting this establishment. You don't take my word for it, just check out the comments you will see in their Seriland's facebook page and you will know what I am talking about. I have not found a single comment complaining or negating this theme park. And if you visit Seriland, you will understand what I am talking about.

According to the information sheet they provided me, below is what Seriland is all about.

The first Korean-developed themed park has opened its doors last November 2010. Located at the 2nd Level, South Wing of the Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila. Seriland offers never before seen attractions in the Seriland, under the partnership of Seogwipo Seriland of South Korea, offers the first Mirror Maze and Trick Art. Both attractions offers "edutainment" for children of all ages.

Seogwipo Seri World in Jeju Island, South Korea is a world class amusement park known for its exciting 100 km/hr speed in 360 draft g0-karts, hot air balloon trip that flies as high as 150 meters, high jumping excitement of its giant trampoline and the virtual 4D cinema. All boasting as the first of its kind in Jeju Island
What does "edutainment" mean? The word is coined by joining two words - educational and entertainment. Seriland aspires to entertain its guets and at the same time provide educational facilities.

Mirror Maze has a tricky mirror maze that challenges the sense of space and direction and offers a 20-second challenge to the braves to guests.

A cool Mirror Maze Trick

Trick Art, on the other hand, has a gallery of 3-Dimensional art freehand painted by famous Korean artists that brings paintings into life. The creative artform comes into life are to be complemented by the visitor's creative poses.

Trick Art

Seriland's main attraction is the 3D Cinema Plus which offers stereoscopic images and multi-sensorial effects to the viewers. Every week a 3D movie of loveable animation characters will be featured.

Kids' Paradise completes the theme park fantasy concept with a more than 200 square meters of funland with rides, huge jungle playpen, book cafe and toy world that will give limitless fun to the toddlers to 7-year olds.

Seriland is a compact theme park that has on its proud development reality challenging attractions that make interactive playing mentally stimulating and fun to everyone.

To experience the kind of fun Seriland is describing above, you may call at (02) 5599563 to book an appointment or check out Seriland's website at

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Getaway in Tagaytay on New Year’s Day of 2011 (Part 2 of 2)

Family Getaway in Tagaytay on New Year’s Day of 2011 (Part 2)

The next morning, I am the first one to wake-up and I jogged around the neighborhood 5 times without stopping in preparation for the Bull Run on January 9, 2011. I’m thinking the cold thin air and the slopes will be a good training ground for me to run. Panting like a dog, I went back home to prepare breakfast. I was joined one by one by my siblings while I prepare our meal.

Breakfast consisted of cereals with fresh milk, sandwiches (choice of strawberry jam, nuttela or chicken spread), yoghurt from Baguio farm, and freshly squeezed orange from Sagada farm. At first we wanted to go swimming but decided later on to just sleep some more. We woke up just in time for lunch.

Traffic started just in front of Royal Tagaytay. That is how bad it is. Our supposedly ten minutes travel from Royal Tagaytay to Bag of Beans became one hour and ten minutes. We wanted to go to Viewpoint to have lunch but before going down the car we were already advised that food will be served after an hour. After hearing that, we decided to leave. It was nice of them though to tell us ahead of time since some of us are feeling grumpy because of hunger. Hehehehehe. And this is how we discovered, Tower Ground Bulalohan.

Tower Ground Bulalohan

Initially, we were trying to locate FatSia, but couldn’t remember the directions how to get to the place so we scouted for the nearest area to eat. One of my sibs is craving for bulalo again but most of us wanted to try something else. But since everyone was really hungry, we finally gave in and it was actually a very good coincidence. Our lunch consisted of no other than hot steaming BULALO, calamares, and one whole fried chicken. All of us had two rounds of rice except for the kids. We saved on drinks because we still had iced tea and fresh orange juice in our water containers. For this meal, we spent P1200 or about P200 per person.

Tower Ground Bulalohan view

Our last stop could have been horse back riding but due to traffic, the cars parked and people in the horse trail we wanted to go to, we decided to just go home. It was a good that we didn’t complete all of our activities planned for our family getaway because now this gives us a good reason to go back to Tagaytay.

Finally, we stopped at Mr. Moo to buy Carabao’s Milk. A liter of carabao’s milk (plain or chocolate flavor) costs P130. We also tried goat’s milk P39 for a small bottle. For me it tasted like fresh milk but for others they said that it was too strong for them.

Maria's Coffee Shop

Another great find is the Maria’s Café. I thought I would never be able to try Coffee Alamid in this trip, so when my husband saw that Coffee Alamid is offered in Maria’s, I decided “This is it!” I ordered a cup and it tasted guess what! Like ordinary 3 in 1 coffee. Oh well. My brother said maybe because I placed creamer and sugar in it. I should have ordered it plain black. My husband drank the rest of the coffee and he said at the bottom of the cup where there is residue coffee it tasted differently. I tried and yes indeed it tasted fruity and roasted at the same time. Maybe that’s the real taste of coffee alamid but I’m not really sure. I guess I just have to go back to Tagaytay. Other pasalubong we bought consisted of bananas (a bunch costs P120), langka (cut at P80 and P120), coffee alamid in container (P400) and pineapple pie.

Maria's Coffee Alamid in Tagaytay

What I didn’t see in Baguio, I almost saw in Tagaytay - a clear path of trees but unfortunately there were still somehting else. Still, it was one of the best family getaways I had in my life. I can’t wait for the next one.

View of Tagaytay from Tower Ground Bulalohan

My Budget for the entire trip: P5000
My Actual expenditures: P6000

Small Things To Remember for Your Family Getaway:
1. charged batteries of phones
2. charged batteries of cameras and extra ones
3. hard candy
4. plastic bags
5. tissue
6. hand sanitizer
7. a light jacket
8. a cap
9. loose change for tips
10. a happy disposition

(If you want to use my pictures in anyway you want it, that would be fine as long as you cite this blog as the original source preferably in APA format. If you can't do that then please do not use my pictures.)